Complete Email System

When we designed Gmailify, we distilled all our experience running other email systems. No shortcuts were to be taken. No hacks were to be made. All modern standards were to be respected. The result is a robust and reliable system which also happens to be a pleasure to maintain.

Forwarding to Gmail over IPv6

Forwarding relays often end up on public blocklists due to forwarding. This eventually impacts also deliveries to Gmail.

Not here. When a message for a domain enters our system, taken it is not spam, Gmailify forwards it right away to the linked Gmail account. Our forwarding relays send messages only to Gmail and no one else, so our forwarding reputation is sandboxed with Gmail.

Gmailify also forwards only using IPv6, over multiple IPv6 addresses. That is not to cheat Gmail, but rather to avoid sending too much from a single IP address. No one likes that, no matter the size.

Dual-Delivery over POP3 for Gmail only

Gmail can and will occasionally reject forwarded messages. We've seen it happen freqently in the past. That's why Gmailify also serves messages via POP3 to Gmail, and Gmail only. The attack surface for brute-force hacks is eliminated, and all messages still find their way to Gmail.

Should Gmail not ask for POP3 pickup in a while for a mailbox, Gmailify is fast to let the account owner know, long before the 7 days storage limit.

Outgoing messages only from Gmail

Receiving messages through a domain in Gmail is only half of the story. Sending reliably is the other. Gmailify operates own outgoing relays with isolated and continuously monitored reputation.

Only Gmail is permitted to use Gmailify outgoing relays. No brute force attacks, malware, spambots or leaked passwords anymore.

Just as Gmail, Gmailify always tries to use IPv6 first before falling back to IPv4 for outbound deliveries. Regardless of the protocol, messages to the outside world reach recipients with all authenticity checks passing.

No need for passwords

Each Gmailify account is tied to a single Gmail account. To sign in to the Gmailify admin panel, a sign-in link can be requested. While the SMTP/POP3 integration requires a password, it is intentionally difficult and not meant to be remembered. Its use is only for the one-time integration, not actual security. Gmailify account security is tied to its linked Gmail accounts.

Unlimited addresses. $6.99 / yearly for the entire domain.

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