Unlimited Email Addresses On Your Own Domain, With Gmail

Gmailify.com is a complete email system bringing custom domains to Gmail accounts. Without hacks.

Bring your whole company, club, or family under your domain. Everyone can receive and send directly from their own Gmail. Reliably, on the web and mobile.

$6.99 / yearly for the entire domain.

Try for Free no credit card required.

Gmailify Works Great With

Built for Gmail

Without hacks or shortcuts, Gmailify integrates so seamlessly, you'll forget it's not a part of Gmail.

Reliable Delivery

Dual delivery through forwarding and POP3 serving ensures messages reach Gmail inboxes predictably, every time.

Flat Price

The price includes a year of service for the entire domain, regardless of the number of users.

Advanced Routing

Aliases, wildcards, dynamic substitutions, domain aliases, catchall, plus and subdomain addressing...

Sending Included

Send and reply via your domain directly from Gmail. Our reputable relays are included.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with Gmail on the web and in apps. Use Gmail features like footers and vacation responders.

Health Monitoring

Anything out of the ordinary on your domain is reported early by our watchdogs.

Active Postmasters

Invisible to users, but essential for deliveries. Your domains are backed by experienced postmasters.

Privacy by Design

All traces of messages passing through Gmailify are gone within 2 weeks.

Not Your Google's Gmailify

Gmail has an own feature named Gmailify. It serves a different purpose though, linking Outlook and Yahoo accounts with Gmail. We link Gmail with custom domains instead. The name conflict is coincidental.